Quantitative Aptitude

Clearing a bank exam is all about answering maximum questions right within the specified time. To be able to do this, getting trained from an experienced bank exam coaching center in Chennai like CSB is a necessity. At CSB, we extensively train you with shortcuts that help answer the questions at lightning speed. Not just the shortcuts, we implant necessary skills and confidence to clear the quantitative aptitude section seamlessly.

  A simple calculation of the time available can tell you that you need to solve a question in less than one minute. Normally on an average, candidates take more than two minutes for solving a question.

  That surely means solving questions at lightning speed. It also means that if one solves questions the way one does in a 10th standard or graduate exam (writing 8 steps to solve a problem after putting down all required formulae), one will need over twice the amount of time that Aptitude tests are willing to extend.

  Therefore, it is imperative that you know as many shortcuts as you can. Not just know the shortcuts, but use them extensively so that they become second nature to you.

  Accordingly, keeping in mind, the necessity to provide Aptitude Test aspirants with such professional training and the requisite competence, the CSB has developed a unique and value-based training delivery system that not only enhances the students’ aptitude and competence but also fine tunes their skills and implants the necessary confidence to help them in their quest to qualify.

Syllabus Coverage

A quick refresher and short cut methods in the following areas in Quantitative Aptitude

Basic Maths, Numerical Ability, Ratio and Proportion, Age problems, Averages, Partnership, Problems on Numbers, Percentage, Profit, Loss and Discount, Number Series, Time and Work, Pipes Cisterns, Time and Distance, Trains, Boats and Streams, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Data Sufficiency, Data Interpretation, Mensuration, Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Simple Equations, Quadratic Equations, Miscellaneous.

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